Partners Dog Training School

Partners Dog Training School is a professional FULL-TIME behavior modification school.

That's a fancy way of saying we love dogs, and will do whatever we can to solve any and all behavior issues you may be dealing with.


What is a Behavior Issue

If you are reading this, chances are you (and your dog) are experiencing a behavioral issue you don't approve of.

The problem is that dogs definition of behavioral "problem" is different from yours.

It may be perfectly NORMAL for your dog, just not acceptable to you.


Normal versus Acceptable Behavior

Lets look at what this means.

It is perfectly "normal" for your dog to growl at another dog, its just not "acceptable" to you!

So you could say "problems" are more like "differences of opinion"

The good news is that being that you are the "boss", you get to decide what is acceptable, regardless if is is normal or not to your dog.

The reason all this is important to understand is that we have to teach our dogs to follow our guide as to what is acceptable to us as humans.

While we are all "animals", we have a different set of social rules to dogs.

We apply them differently!

And we certainly reinforce them in a different way!

And of course, if the rules are not followed, then there are consequences.


How do we Modify Behavior

We simply teach our dogs what behaviors we approve of, of which ones we do not.

Even if it is normal to them, we still teach them it is acceptable.

First, they need to have a foundation of understanding.

This foundation is established through obedience training.

Second, using your Foundation, they learn what to do, and what not to do.

And if you repeat it often enough, they learn to change their behavior.


The Key to Modification of Behavior

The key to modification is Timing, Foundation and Motivation



Timing is critical, as it cues the behavior with the response. The response is either positive or negative.



Foundation is important, as it teaches the dog how to understand, and the handler how to communicate clearly.



Finally, motivation is important, as few animals will work without motivation. Motivation can be food, toys or verbal.



Partners Dog Training School prides itself on our ability to understand the issues, and find solutions to your dog problems.

Our training staff are committed to you and your dog.

Many of them have devoted their lives to understanding behavior, so that they can better work with clients and dogs.

Behavioral issues are generally misunderstandings between dogs and humans, so if we can help you communicate and find common ground, we will be helping your family find a happy place.


We look forward to helping you!