Biting and Aggression Issues

Nipping, biting and aggression in dogs is always of concern to pet owners.

But before we concern ourselves let's address the difference between the various issues.

Biting and Aggresson is generally when a dog bites and causes injury to a person or animal.

Nipping is generally a warning "bite" but with minimal damage to the victim.

Sometimes the dog may break skin, and sometimes it may be a puncture.


When making a determination as to the severity of the bite or nip, we look at:
The amount of damage

The proximity of the damage

What caused the dog to bite

Other external influences

Any medical issues


Unfortunately defining the exact issue becomes difficult, and in the more complex cases we suggest an evaluation.


In most cases, we are going to recommend Camp, as this is the more effective mannner in which to address aggression issues.


In many cases, a two or three week program allows us to establish the patterns we are seeking, and correct inappropriate behaviors. We would then recommmend follow up training, either in group classes, or a combination of group and private sessions.


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