Partners Dog Training School

Partners Dog Training School is a professional FULL-TIME behavior modification school. That's a fancy way of saying we love dogs, and will do whatever we can to solve any and all behavior issues you may be dealing with. We have trained over 40,000, that’s over 3,000 a year. And now, we want to help you!


Types of Aggression

Aggression in dogs comes in all forms. Some aspects of aggression are easily remedied, while others are more complex, and require much more intensive training.

We define aggressive behavioral training as any dog that has acted in an aggressive manner, or bitten another person of animal.

Click here to read about minor nipping or biting



Generally all aggression cases require an evaluation with Partners. Call the office at 480.595.6700 and schedule an appointment. Most cases are interviewed by the Head Trainer, but some may get referred to the Training Director.

Evaluations are NOT training sessions.
They are there to determine what the problem is, what the cause is, and how to address the situation.

In some cases the Evaluator may handle your dog, but that depends on the specifics.

We are completely honest in our evaluation.

We expect complete transparency from you, so that we can make an informed plan.

Once a course of action has been determined, you can decide what your options are.

You are under no obligation to enroll with us.

Keep in mind, we work on aggression cases daily, so are here for you.



Clearly we don't want anyone getting hurt.

This includes you, your dog and our staff.

An evaluation is NOT a stress test, and we do not confront your dog "to see what will happen".

That would be reckless and inappropriate.


On leash, muzzled

If your dog is inclined to attack, or has a past history of biting people, please muzzle them when you come in.

If you are not able to do so, please discuss with the Office staff PRIOR to arrival.

Most of our training is done without muzzles, but until we have a plan, let's be safe.


Aggression Camp

Dogs displaying aggression towards other dogs, or people, are NOT permitted in Group Classes

In some cases we may suggest private one-on-one lessons.

But it is far more likely you will be enrolling in Aggression Camp.

This is generally a three to four week program, with a minimum of three weeks.


It is a FOUR-STEP process:

Step 1: Evaluation
Step 2: Enroll in camp

Step 3: Follow up private lessons, first at our school, and then in your home.

Step 4: Attend follow up group classes

Please note these steps are subject to change based on your specific case, needs and results.


Key to modification

The key to modification is Timing, Foundation and Motivation
We simply teach our dogs what behaviors we approve of, of which ones we do not.
First, they need to have a foundation of understanding.
This foundation is established through obedience training.
Second, using your Foundation, they learn what to do, and what not to do.
And if you repeat it often enough, they learn to change their behavior.



Remember, we are a positive, reward based training school. We do NOT beat up, punish, yank-crank, or prong dogs.
Aggression camp uses a combination of structure, reward and boundaries to improve dogs behavior.

It takes time! It cannot be done in a day or two.


But we are highly successful at getting results.

We succeed where many others have failed.


Partners Dog Training School prides itself on our ability to understand the issues, and find solutions to your dog problems.
Our training staff are committed to you and your dog.
Many of them have devoted their lives to understanding behavior, so that they can better work with clients and dogs.

Behavioral issues are generally misunderstandings between dogs and humans, so if we can help you communicate and find common ground, we will be helping your family find a happy place.


Give us a try.


Or schedule an evaluation by calling 480.595.6700