Private Lessons can be done in one of two ways:

▶ In-Home - In the comfort of your own home (Covered on this page)

▶ At-School - At the Partners Dog Training School training facility (Covered here)


Personal One-on-One Lesson

▶ Train your dog privately one-on-one with a trainer, in the comfort of your own home.

▶ Customize your training to your needs

▶ Train on your schedule

▶ Train in the comfort of your own home

▶ Train the whole family in how to work with your dog

▶ Train your dog in the environment they live is

▶ Work on issues you may be experiencing in your own neighborhood

▶ You will learn how to recognize and address basic problems.

▶ You will learn how to handle your dog around other dogs.

▶ You will learn how to understand your dogs behavior.


Training Curriculum

▶ We will look at your needs, and formulate a training program that works for you.

▶ We will look at your home environment and suggest ways to improve your situation

▶ We will talk to family members (and friends) and help with the problems at hand

▶ If relevant, we will provide you with a training curriculum of your course

▶ This may cover Homework; Drills of the Week, Tips on Training and other information

▶ It will also include some Free Dog Training Tips


Some of the Dog Behavior Issues we can address in Private Lessons

▶ Barking

▶ Pulling on leash

▶ Biting (minor bites)

▶ Mouthing

▶ Digging

▶ Begging

▶ Breeding of dogs

▶ Puppy Behavior

▶ Housebreaking

▶ Crate training your dog

▶ Food and feeding


More than one dog

▶ If you have more than one dog that needs training, we can do that as well

▶ There may be a small charge for additional dogs



▶ There are no pre-requisites for private lessons EXCEPT AGGRESSION CASES (see below)


Aggression related issues

We define aggression as being when a dog is lunging, trying to bite or has bitten another person or dog

▶ Please note that Private Lessons do NOT address aggression related issues

▶ We do work with Aggression Related cases, but dogs must first come in for a Behavior Evaluation

▶ If your dog has completed the Behavior Evaluation, and been cleared, then you may continue with Private Lessons.

▶ If you fail to disclose your dog has been aggressive, we may cancel, suspend or stop the lesson, and you will still be billed.

▶ Please understand this is for the safety of our staff

▶ We are more than happy to work with you on aggression issues; we just need to follow our Safety Protocols

▶ Please note we do NOT turn dogs away due to aggression issues.



▶ You will only need a leash and collar to start.

▶ Please don't purchase anything additional until you have chatted with us.

▶ We will gladly guide you in what you need to train.


What do I need for my first lesson

▶ For your first lesson, you may need a leash and a collar.

▶ Your instructor will discuss various options for equipment.


Can children participate or train in lessons

▶ We encourage kids to participate in training of their dogs

▶ Most of the instructors have been training since childhood, so this is important to us.

▶ We do have some important limitations:

▶ We define children to be anyone under 18 years of age

▶ Children actively participating in lessons should to be at least 8 years of age (Instructors can approve younger kids)

▶ Children need to be behaved, cooperative, willing and happy to be involved - no pressure from parents!

▶ Parents MUST be PRESENT at all times during lessons

▶ Finally, parents MUST READ this article on prey drive


Duration of Lesson

▶ The initial one or two lessons run a little longer, generally around two hours in duration

▶ This allows us to get to know you, and you to get to know us

▶ It also allows the trainer to build a relationship with your dog, before they get down to structured training.

▶ It gives you the chance to discuss your needs, and ask tons of questions.

▶ Subsequent lessons are generally between sixty and ninety minutes.

▶ If you have specific needs, these can be addressed with your trainer.


What does Private Training Cost



Being on time and Cancelling Appointments

▶ We respect your time, and will make every effort to be on schedule and on time for an appointment

▶ We respectfully ask you do the same with us.

▶ If you need to cancel an appointment, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance (excluding weekends)

▶ If you running late, please let us know, so that we can try and accommodate you.

▶ Instructors normally book their lessons in blocks, so if a trainer runs late it affects everyone else.



▶ Private lessons are personalized for you.

▶ Make notes of things that happen during the week, and bring these to your trainers attention.

▶ You can also call the office if something comes up and you need help

▶ We are here to serve you, so please let us do so..