Video Portfolio of Partners Dog Training School

Partners Dog School

Partners Dog Training School is the elite professional training school in the Southwest USA. Our staff of over two dozen trainers and instructors work with more than 2,000 dogs annually.

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Partners Video Portfolio of Behavior Training

Behavior Training

Are you having behavioral issues with your dog. You are not alone! Partners Dog Training is a specialist behavioral training school for dogs with problems. We work with most (if not all) problems, helping clients find solutions.

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Partners Video Portfolio of Agility

Dog Jumping & Agility

Partners Dog Agility program is the largest private club in Arizona. We specialize in dogs that jump for fun. While we do have a serious competitive group, most people that train dog agility with us are here to get exercise and have fun with their dogs.

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Partners Portfolio of Plunge Dog Training

Dock & Swim Dog Classes

Partners Aquatic Dog program is about teaching dogs to swim and jump. Swimming is a great activity for dogs, and allows them to get low impact exercise. It builds strength & conditioning, while minimizing injury. And of course, in the Arizona heat, it is a great way to train in the heat

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Snake Avoidance Training

Partners Dog Training offers snake avoidance training for dogs between March and October. Our clinics are world renowned, and have some of the most successful results.

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One-one-One Attention

We truly believe in client service. Your dog is our dog, and we go out of our way to get the results that you need, to get the job done. Training is about education, and we are devoted to educating you and your dog.

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Partners Vidio Portfolio of Obstacle training

Obstacle Training

Partners believes in dogs being healthy, fit and in good condition. A well trained dog in good condition makes for a happy pet. We have all sorts of dog sports dedicated to helping dogs stay in shape, while having fun at the same time.


Celebrity Clients & Dogs

Partners has worked with professional athletes, stars and celebs from all walks of life. While most prefer to be private, some are proud to show videos of their dogs in training with us.

Partners on Ch 12 NBC TV

As Seen on TV! Training Director Leighton Oosthuisen is the Pet Expert with EVB LIVE on NBC TV Channel 12 in Phoenix. Check out some of the videos of Leighton and the staff of Partners, as they discuss valuable information on your pets.


Partners on TV & Radio

As Seen on TV! Partners and their training staff are often on TV or in print. Check out some of the videos of these appearances.


Puppies Available for Sale

Breeding is something we take very seriously. We occasionally have puppies available from our breeding program. These are some of the videos from those litters.

More Video Portfolios Soon

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