What is Basic Swim Class

▶ Basic Swim class teaches you and your dog the basics of how to swim, stay afloat and return to the ramp.


How do Group Classes work

▶ You attend class with your dog.

▶ You will be taught by an instructor, and normally at least one assistant-instructor.

▶ Classes are held at our training facility, and are once per week. (Exceptions sometimes apply)

▶ Handlers (you) are required to train their own dogs, as this is a group class

▶ Instructors and assistants are not able to work individually or privately with students during class

▶ If you need to work privately with your instructor, you are welcome to schedule a session with them


Class Sizes

▶ Most classes have eight to ten students.

▶ Some of the more advanced classes may have up to 12 students

▶ There will generally be additional assistant instructors to help out.



▶ Basic Swim Group Class only requires that your dog is able to get along with other dogs.


Basic Swim Group Class does NOT

▶ Basic Swim does not address aggression issues

▶ Include personal individual attention. It is a group class, not private lessons.

▶ If you need personal attention, please make an appointment to work with your instructor.


What if my dog doesn't get along with other dogs.

▶ One of the requirements for Group Class is that your dog MUST get along with other dogs.

▶ If you are having dog aggression issues, then sign up for Resident Camp or a Private Lesson

▶ These are better suited to the individual attention your dog needs.

▶ It will also allow us to properly evaluate and treat your issue.

▶ If your dog behaves aggressively towards other dogs in Group Class, you may be asked to leave.

▶ We would prefer this did not happen, so please talk to us if you have any questions.



▶ You will only need a FOUR FOOT leash and collar to start.

▶ Please don't purchase anything additional until you have chatted with us.

▶ We will gladly guide you in what you need to train.


What do I need to bring to class

▶ For your first class, bring a leash and a collar.

▶ Your instructor discuss various options for equipment.

▶ We also suggest a dog water container, treats and a chair for spectators.


Can children train (or attend) classes

▶ We encourage kids to participate in training of their dogs

▶ Most of the instructors have been training since childhood, so this is important to us.

▶ We do have some important limitations:

▶ We define children to be anyone under 18 years of age

▶ Children participating in class should to be at least 8 years of age (Instructors can approve younger kids)

▶ Children need to be behaved, cooperative, willing and happy to be in class - no pressure from parents!

▶ Parents MUST be PRESENT at all times during class

▶ Parents can NOT drop their kids off and disappear (sorry) If you do, your child will not be allowed in class

▶ Finally, parents MUST READ this article on prey drive


Duration of Course

▶ Group Obedience Classes are eight (8) week course, of one lesson per week

▶ Classes are generally 55 minutes in duration


What if I miss a class

▶ We will make every effort to fit you into another class of there is one available.

▶ Missing one class is normally not a problem, and you should be able to catch up.


What does Class Cost




Weather Cancellation (WEATHER LINE 480 595 6700 Option 5)

▶ If the weather is poor, we will cancel class.

▶ While we try and contact students, sometimes this is not practical.

▶ Please call the school ONE HOUR BEFORE CLASS. Our number is 480 595 6700, and select Option 5 (weather line)

▶ There will be a message that will state: (a) CLASSES ARE GOING AHEAD or (b) CLASSES ARE CANCELLED

▶ We make a final decision at least one hour before class on the weather.

▶ Remember we may cancel class for heat warnings, freeze warnings or for excessive rain.