Doggie Daycare - Fun for all dogs

Not only will your Pup benefit from being in a motivational environment - They will receive a training session as well. You choose what needs to be addressed. Whether it is working primarily on not jumping, leash pulling, or just basic obedience. .


Can I request training

Absolutely you can - that is what makes us different from the rest. We can work on the issues you are having problems with.


Work on those problem behaviors

Our daycare includes one-on-one time with between your dog and a trainer. Perfect for working on those problem issues.


Experienced staff!

Partners Dog School training staff are experienced in monitoring behavior. Addressing "inappropriate behavior" is the place to start. While we cannot guarantee your Pooch will completely forget their "bad" behaviors, we will work on establishing "GOOD" manners! And teach them it can be fun to listen and train!


Partners Pooch Report

While you're away we want you to know and understand what your Pooch was up to. How'd they do with training, manners, socialization, play group, meals etc.. Each dog goes home with a 'Poochie Report' at the end of the day! As well as a brief update from their trainer so you can ask any questions you may have.



Day care is about giving your dog something to do. Some dogs like to run, some like to play. We can also do a little training and socialization under the strict supervision of experienced trainers. Either way, just "bring them".


Dogs need approval first

We care about your dogs' safety. "Playgroup" is an optional part of Doggie Daycare, and not all dogs will be able to participate. Dogs displaying dominance, aggression, reactivity or insecurity are very welcome to join Daycare, where they will be trained and enjoy one-on-one time with a trainer.


Packages & Enrollment

Enrollment is easy. Call the office at 480.595.6700 and ask for daycare. In some cases you will be scheduled for an evaluation, but generally we will see how your dog does on their first day. We have packages available for multi-day day cares. Just ask!