Puppies Available from Partners Dog Training School

Partners Dog Training in cooperation with a few carefully selected breeders makes puppies available to clients looking for that special puppy. Puppies are selected based on evaluations of needs and home conditions, as well as the training required. All our puppies are required to be trained, and are co-owned until the new owners complete their training regiment.


Companion Dogs Available from Partners Dog Training School

Companion dogs are dogs that are trained for family environment. These dogs come from breeders and are selected for their social and personal skills. Types of training range from home pets trained in obedience, manners and social skills, all the way to detection dogs.


Why buy a Trained Dog from Partners Dog Training School

Trained dogs offer a much better solution for a family looking for a dog




Personal protection companion dogs.

Our Working Dog Division also trains and sells dogs for law enforcement and military use.


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